Latest Rates:

United State Dollar   Buying :141.50   Selling :142.92         European Euro   Buying :159.00   Selling :160.59         UK Pound Sterling   Buying :183.50   Selling :185.34         UAE Dirham   Buying :38.40   Selling :38.78         Saudi Riyal   Buying :37.60   Selling :37.98         Bahrain Dinar   Buying :368.00   Selling :370.00         Canadian Dollar   Buying :105.00   Selling :106.00         Chinese Yuan   Buying :21.70   Selling :22.50         Danish Krone   Buying :21.00   Selling :21.60         Australian Dollar   Buying :100.00   Selling :101.70         Hongkong Dollar   Buying :17.70   Selling :18.20         Korean Won   Buying :0.11   Selling :0.13         Japanese Yen   Buying :1.24   Selling :1.27         Kuwaiti Dinar   Buying :462.00   Selling :464.00         Malaysian Ringgit   Buying :34.50   Selling :35.20         Newzeland Dollar   Buying :93.00   Selling :95.00         Norway Krone   Buying :16.30   Selling :16.70         Omani Riyal   Buying :365.00   Selling :367.00         Qatri Riyal   Buying :37.30   Selling :38.50         Singapore Dollar   Buying :102.00   Selling :104.00         Swedish Krona   Buying :15.20   Selling :15.70         Swiss Franc   Buying :139.00   Selling :140.00         Thai Baht   Buying :4.40   Selling :4.70         South African Rand   Buying :9.30   Selling :9.80         Turkish Lira   Buying :27.00   Selling :27.50        

FOREX RATES (Pakistan)

Currency rates are being updated regularly (Mon - Sat) after 12:00pm.

Currencies Buying Selling Trends
United State Dollar 141.50 142.92
European Euro 159.00 160.59
UK Pound Sterling 183.50 185.34
UAE Dirham 38.40 38.78
Saudi Riyal 37.60 37.98
Bahrain Dinar 368.00 370.00
Canadian Dollar 105.00 106.00
Chinese Yuan 21.70 22.50
Danish Krone 21.00 21.60
Australian Dollar 100.00 101.70
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About Us

P.B.S Exchange Company is a project of STHN Group; it is the relentless effort of Late Mr. Syed Tasneem Hussain Naqvi (CEO) of STHN Group and his late son Major(r) Syed Aqleem Abbas Naqvi. It has become a leading name in Country's Financial Market. Their leadership and vigorous skills have taken P.B.S Exchange to one of the leading Exchange Company in Pakistan.

STHN Group has diversified business activities, providing foreign exchange services is one of the core businesses of STHN Group, which was being run previously in the name of P.B.S Money Converter for many years that was converted to P.B.S. Exchange as the amendment has been made in the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947 for the establishment of an Exchange company as an expiry of authorized money changer license. The procedure is given by the State Bank of Pakistan.

The P.B.S Exchange (Pvt.) Limited is incorporated with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on 5th June, 2004. State Bank of Pakistan issued Exchange Company license on 20th August, 2004 under the new rule effecting March, 2003.The registered Head Office of the Company is situated at Lahore, Pakistan having its branches all over Country.

Board Of Directors:

1.Mr. Jameel Abbas Naqvi (Director)

2.Mr. Tahreem Abbas Naqvi (Director)

3.Mrs. Rabbab Aqleem Naqvi (CEO)

Aim & Objectives:

P.B.S Exchange is known by its best quality services but now P.B.S Exchange has come up with a broader horizon as it now intends to cater clients on the global level with enhanced range of services backed by sophisticated IT tools and software technology.

P.B.S Exchange as it's past and will always strive to bring a much-deserved change with its revolutionary and competent services and marketing techniques that will play a major role in the business of Foreign Exchange catering to the customers at both national and international platforms. P.B.S Exchange is all about the excellent services provider to its customers. Right from the very first day P.B.S Exchange pursues the following Aims and Objectives and always focuses on providing the best quality services.

→  Delightedness of the customers and personalized services and every time improved.

→  Cultivate good relationships and mobilize all resources to earn good reputation in the market.

→  Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy.

→  Strict adherence to the relevant Laws/Rules, to ensure transparency of transactions and record to combat financial crimes like money laundering, which affect badly our economy and our Government has to bear heavy financial loses.

→  Attainment of professional competence.

→  Comprehensive IT based system especially designed for our operations to ensure quick delivery of money to clients and for maintaining up-to-date record.

→  Our services deliver superior values, and all services that carry the P.B.S Exchange brand deliver the solutions, promised at a fair value and earn customers' trust.

→  In accordance with the guidelines of the State Bank of Pakistan to help increasing the foreign reserves.

→  Our objective is to set new standards in the foreign exchange industry by delivering the best and most comprehensive services to our customers.

→  We intend to introduce new horizons in the field of IT and the first and only exchange company with online branches all over Pakistan with centralized operations. This makes the operations' system very simple, fast and also for keeping up to date record of every transaction that is made by P.B.S Exchange.

→   P.B.S Exchange always focuses to increase home remittances to be a supportive hand to our government in maintaining economic stability in our country.


Syed Jameel Abbas Naqvi won Quailty Crown award in 2007. This award cermoney was held in London. This wonderful achievement takes PBS on the Top.

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