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United State Dollar   Buying :141.50   Selling :142.92         European Euro   Buying :159.00   Selling :160.59         UK Pound Sterling   Buying :183.50   Selling :185.34         UAE Dirham   Buying :38.40   Selling :38.78         Saudi Riyal   Buying :37.60   Selling :37.98         Bahrain Dinar   Buying :368.00   Selling :370.00         Canadian Dollar   Buying :105.00   Selling :106.00         Chinese Yuan   Buying :21.70   Selling :22.50         Danish Krone   Buying :21.00   Selling :21.60         Australian Dollar   Buying :100.00   Selling :101.70         Hongkong Dollar   Buying :17.70   Selling :18.20         Korean Won   Buying :0.11   Selling :0.13         Japanese Yen   Buying :1.24   Selling :1.27         Kuwaiti Dinar   Buying :462.00   Selling :464.00         Malaysian Ringgit   Buying :34.50   Selling :35.20         Newzeland Dollar   Buying :93.00   Selling :95.00         Norway Krone   Buying :16.30   Selling :16.70         Omani Riyal   Buying :365.00   Selling :367.00         Qatri Riyal   Buying :37.30   Selling :38.50         Singapore Dollar   Buying :102.00   Selling :104.00         Swedish Krona   Buying :15.20   Selling :15.70         Swiss Franc   Buying :139.00   Selling :140.00         Thai Baht   Buying :4.40   Selling :4.70         South African Rand   Buying :9.30   Selling :9.80         Turkish Lira   Buying :27.00   Selling :27.50        

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure our customers obtain the best foreign exchange service through competitive pricing, efficient operations and a personalised touch within a well regulated environment

Our Vision

Behind the success of PBS Exchange is the exemplary leadership of its top management and support and teamwork of its dedicated staff who provide the best service and are committed to serving the customers in the best possible manner.

Our Network

PBS Exchange Company enjoys the largest commercial network in Pakistan, with its registered head office located at 62-C2 Safanwala Chowk , Mozang Road, in Lahore, Pakistan. The company enjoys diversity in its network which includes Branches, Franchises, and Payment Booth. Our network is spread out over the entire country concentrating and covering all major cities and suburbs.

FOREX RATES (Pakistan)

Currency rates are being updated regularly (Mon - Sat) after 12:00pm.

Currencies Buying Selling Trends
United State Dollar 141.50 142.92
European Euro 159.00 160.59
UK Pound Sterling 183.50 185.34
UAE Dirham 38.40 38.78
Saudi Riyal 37.60 37.98
Bahrain Dinar 368.00 370.00
Canadian Dollar 105.00 106.00
Chinese Yuan 21.70 22.50
Danish Krone 21.00 21.60
Australian Dollar 100.00 101.70
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P.B.S Exchange (Pvt.) Limited is known for its best quality services. We are a low-cost, high-value provider to customers with superior level of services all across Pakistan. We help our people and businesses by providing convenient products & services. P.B.S Exchange intends to introduce new horizons in conventional way of financial market.

Customized Services

Simple one window operations

Online Branches all over Pakistan

24 hour Services International Airports

Company providing services countrywide

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